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My name is Tom Kucinski and I am a Vice President at the ACNielsen Company in Stamford, CT. We have operations and thousands of employees in over 100 countries around the globe. Our corporate success is firmly based on the belief that satisfied employees lead to satisfied clients which, in turn leads to satisfied shareholders.

One of our key objectives is to attract and retain extremely talented employees. Our compensation system is a major factor in accomplishing this. Our management bonus program is a key component of our compensation system.

This program considers a complex and varied number of factors in determining how bonus payouts will be determined.

In the past, the management of this program was through spreadsheets and manual interventions, and our risk for errors was unacceptably high. Since we need to consider the fluctuations of over 50 different currencies, the administration of this program became a cumbersome and time-consuming process.

We needed to work with an organization that would understand, not only the technicalities of producing accurate results easily, but would appreciate how important this program is to us in accomplishing our business objectives.

We brought in CTB Consulting based on the strong recommendation we received from other groups that had used them.

CTB took the time to understand our company, what we needed to do and made a number of suggestions that may never have occurred to us. They saw the possibility that we could make the system more of a modeling tool, instead of just a reporting vehicle. It was a true collaboration.

“We see the people at CTB not as ‘techno geeks’, or as detached advisors, but as real business partners.” They’ve saved us a significant amount of time which translates into thousands of dollars. But more importantly, they have helped turn what was once a very complex task into a very easy to complete process.

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