Success Stories: Financial Systems

At Dun & Bradstreet, CTB Consulting implemented a consolidated worldwide financial information system for 190 operating units. Later when D&B divested operations, CTB prepared systems for Cognizant, ACNielson, and D&B Financial Corp. 

At Pepsico International, CTB Consulting developed an executive compensation model used in marketing career opportunities to employment candidates. The application incorporated salary and equity compensation programs and projected the value of these programs in the future.

At Practicing Law Institute, CTB Consulting upgraded their IT infrastructure and developed web-based routines for their 450,000 member clients to submit orders and maintain individual Continuing Legal Education Credit information. Information captured is used to support marketing campaigns, update mailing lists, provide customer service, and maintain inventory levels.

At ACNielsen, CTB Consulting implemented an incentive bonus compensation system that calculates incentives for eligible staff in all regions worldwide. The system provides time-critical reporting with great accuracy.

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 2000, CTB Consulting, Inc.