Success Stories: Messaging/Collaboration

At Philip Morris Corporation, CTB Consulting implemented a 74,000-user MS-Exchange-based email and workflow automation system that integrated with the Internet, PROFS/OV, and Microsoft Mail.

At Dun & Bradstreet, CTB Consulting designed the network infrastructure for one of the first major MS Exchange implementations, rolling out more than 20,000 users worldwide. The project included architecture and implementation of an enterprise border protection system for anti-virus, anti-Spam and content monitoring.

At Hoechst AG, an affiliate of Aventis S.A., CTB Consulting implemented a global directory. This system integrated users from four separate mail systems in a single directory containing over 22,000 accounts.

At Amerada Hess CTB Consulting implemented a global Exchange system in three phases: first, with 130 marketing and sales reps; second, worldwide office personnel; and third, all of their 800 gas stations. By design, gas station access is restricted to printing and deleting messages only, to prevent runaway costs and unauthorized use.

At BMW, CTB Consulting implemented a national email system including gateways and directory synchronization for their dispersed 250-person sales force.

At Thomson Newspapers, CTB Consulting implemented a MS Exchange-based email system for 4500 users distributed at more than 80 sites. Anti-Virus software and Internet email were incorporated.

At Intel, CTB Consulting integrated their mail system that included cc:Mail, Microsoft Mail, 3Com Mail and Banyan Mail at more than 40 locations.

At Dun & Bradstreet, CTB Consulting implemented workflow automation, developing and deploying custom electronic forms for expense reporting, including integration with the legacy expense processing systems.

At Philip Morris, CTB Consulting implemented  an automated workflow system that allowed users to request, approve, and activate access privileges to internal security, SAP, Sybase and mainframe applications.

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