Success Stories: System Integration

At Exxon Corporation, CTB Consulting designed and implemented an oil-trading system supporting 150 global oil traders. The decision support system is LAN-based with a real-time host data link.

Independent Sheet Metal, a PSE&G Energy Technologies Company designs, creates, and installs custom heating, ventilation, and HVAC systems. Each job requires the careful coordination of estimators, draftsmen, field staff, fabrication teams, technicians, and mechanical installers.

As ISM grew they found it very difficult to track the schedule and status of change orders and the sub-assembly parts required for each job. CTB Consulting automated the flow of change orders and status updates, the approval of change orders, and the creation of an audit trail to document "as built" vs. "as designed" differences, which has an impact on customer billings. The CTB solution includes electronic forms and routing as well as integration with ISM's QuickPen CAD system which allows design changes to be electronically connected to the billing system. CTB also tied in ISM's suppliers so that change orders not only affected billing clients but also the ordering of parts from suppliers.

The time saved in creating and processing change orders resulted in increased capacity and customer satisfaction. ISM's billing accuracy was improved. The link with ISM's suppliers provides a "just in time" inventory system, reducing ISM's inventory requirements, allows them to make more accurate demand predictions, and improves vendor pricing.

ISM Application Description

At SeaLand, CTB Consulting automated port operations through the redesign of traffic flow patterns within terminal facilities. This project achieved a 50% terminal turn time reduction for truckers, reduced cost over $4 million, and enhanced customer relations. This application is described in a Microsoft Solution Overview.

At Bureau Veritas, CTB Consulting designed and developed a data collection and distribution system for this worldwide tank certification company. This system allows surveyors in the field to transmit inspection data to regional offices and to a centralized database.

At Mercedes Benz Credit Corporation, CTB Consulting designed Cluster-Server Architecture that supports and links their 300+ dealer network with a centralized relational database.

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