CTB Organization

CTB is organized into three inter-related functional areas that ensure successful project completion, client account development and corporate growth. The diagram below describes how Sales & Marketing, Consulting Services, and Resources & Operations work together.

Consulting Services 
Your project will be managed by a Strategic Consultant. Your Strategic Consultant is a seasoned professional who will be the account manager that will develop your project's proposal, oversee the management of your project and provide you with status updates. Your Strategic Consultant is responsible for the on-time, under-budget delivery of your project.

Sales and Marketing 
Sales & marketing personnel develop new accounts, identify needs, and qualify opportunities that will ultimately become engagements for Consulting Services. Your sales representative will find the right match between your needs and CTB's skills and abilities and will involve a Strategic Consultant for the development of your proposal.

Resources and Operations
This is our resource pool. It includes all Senior Consultants, Developers, and Engineers. This group of highly trained individuals insures that Strategic Consultants have the appropriate resources in the right timeframe to support the work that Consulting Services has proposed to you.

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