IT Infrastructure

No matter what your goals and objectives are for your IT systems you’re constrained by the efficiency and capabilities of your IT Infrastructure.

Infrastructure is more than wires and bandwidth. It’s also operating environment, messaging, and network communications. These are the basic components that must be addressed every time there is a major system change.

One internet company was growing so fast that they were unable to bring servers online fast enough. Their server configurations were changing daily. They needed a way to reconfigure servers in a way that automated reconfigurations and reduced (nearly to elimination) the time involved for costly technician.

CTB Consulting worked with to develop an automated reconfiguration routine that reduced to minutes a job that took hours…for each server, a savings of millions of dollars per year.

CTB has addressed infrastructure issues with many organizations. Our work has ranged from standardizing desktop strategies to designing networks to expanding server farms.

That’s why we take the time to understand what you are trying to accomplish from a business point of view. Because we take the time to understand the issues we’re able to propose “not to exceed” price quotations for every job we do.

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