Key People

CTB's Management Team

CTB is led by a team of executives who have a passion for delivering an excellent array of services to the marketplace. Each is committed to ensuring that whatever is proposed by CTB is delivered on time and under budget

Coley T. Brown, President and Founder
Coley founded CTB in July 1990 after being involved in several successful new business ventures. He is responsible for the vision and strategic direction of the company. His uncompromising commitment to customer satisfaction and quality has formed a significant part of the culture at CTB.

Coley has over 20 years of computer industry experience, including implementing major growth at 3Com where he managed the North Eastern Region. At the Computer Factory he was manager of corporate business development and at Bunker Ramo he was the international Marketing Manager. 

Coley worked on the team developing one of the first PC network operating systems and has been responsible for the startup of network and communication products at DEC, Apollo, Wang and AT&T.

He received double undergraduate majors in Math and Economics from the NYU College of Arts and Sciences where he graduated with honors in economics and completed an MBA in Computer Information and Application Systems in a years time. He was then accepted into the first International graduate exchange program between NYU's Graduate school of Business Administration, The London School for Business, and Les Hautes Etudes Commercial in France.

Garry Hawxhurst, Executive Vice President Consulting Services
Garry joined CTB in January 2000 and directs Strategic Consulting Services. His career includes many years of management information systems, finance and general management. He served as Vice President, Information Technology Services for MetLife Insurance Company where he directed the key MIS areas for their financial, accounting, actuarial, tax, human resource, facilities and services, and remittance processing groups. As Assistant Vice President, Corporate Systems for Dun and Bradstreet he was responsible for all operations and support activities including the major data center, MIS architecture, hardware and software acquisition. He attained his BS in Accounting and MBA Cum Laude in Accounting and Finance from Syracuse University.

Peter Blakovich, Senior Vice President Resources and Operations
Peter came to CTB in September 1991 and currently manages Resources and Operations Group. His career includes Director roles for Network R&D and LAN Operations at AIG insurance, as well as technical and cryptography support at the US Air Force. At CTB he has been involved in many major projects for SeaLand, Dun & Bradstreet, South Carolina State Ports Authority, Philip Morris and others. He attained his BSEE from Colorado Technical College.

Sanford M. Kimmel, Chief Financial Officer
Sandy joined CTB in March, 2001 to direct the financial affairs of CTB. His career includes many years of general financial management, financial reporting and cash management at several public and non-public companies. He served as Chief Financial Officer at QV Trading Systems, Inc. a private, high technology and software development company.

Prior to that he was Senior Vice President, Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer at PXRE Group, Ltd. PXRE is a publicly traded financial and reinsurance holding company with subsidiaries in the USA and the UK, that provided property and casualty insurance and reinsurance services to international reinsurance, marine and aviation and facultative marketplaces. Sandy served as a Director of a publicly traded spin-off of PXRE, Transnational Re Corporation and on the Boards of its Lloyds of London Syndicate and Managing Agency. He also managed, through investment advisors, PXREs $500 Million investment portfolio.

Sandy worked as Vice President of Finance at Page America Group where he assisted the company through a financing and merger. Prior to that, he served as Vice President & Treasurer of Home Life Insurance Company where he directed the accounting and back office operations of the $3.1 Billion investment portfolio. Sandy worked on the audit staff for Coopers & Lybrand in New York where he conducted audits on a diversified clientele of large and medium companies. He graduated Cum Laude from the State University of New York at Buffalo with a BS in Business Administration. He has a CPA from the State of New York.

CTB's most valuable resource: it's people

Of even greater importance than its executive team is the extensive group of professionals who analyze, propose, manage and deliver the CTB engagements to our customers. CTB is proud of them and their cumulative knowledge and experience. Brief biographies of some typical CTB professionals are outlined below.

Company Picnic, July 2000

Strategic Consultant
Senior Consultant
Senior Developer 1
Senior Developer 2
Developer 1
Senior Engineer 1
Senior Engineer 2
Strategic Consultant:

This Senior Information Technology Professional has over 17 years experience in implementing technology solutions by aligning business goals with strategic technology plans, utilizing both mainframe and PC-based technologies.

* He addressed the changing business needs of a Fortune 500 corporation by planning and implementing a global technology strategy.

* He streamlined business processing and reduced costs by evaluating and deploying leading edge client-server and messaging technologies.

* He delivered complex IT projects on time and on budget by utilizing both domestic and international project management expertise.

* He mitigated risks in technology selection and deployment by developing and leveraging strategic vendor relationships.

He is experienced in technology positions with expertise ranging from operations, software development, systems analysis and design, systems development management and architectural planning. He is accomplished in planning, implementing and managing global technology architectures for client-server and messaging business systems. He has a proven ability to organize and manage technology teams of 20 or more people.

Senior Consultant:

This Consultant is an accomplished writer and designer of PC software. With over 23 years in the computer industry, he has written more than 500,000 lines of C and C++ code for PC and network applications.

He is an authority in OLTP and Stratus/IBM 88 fault tolerant computing and has designed 3270 Bi-sync cluster controllers, an X.25 Packet switching network, and collaborated on the design of the first electronic mail service.

Other areas of expertise are in RF engineering, C-Band/Broadcast Teletex Technology, and bridge/router communications.

He worked on a major project for Bell Communication Research Corporation developing a network monitoring system for a 300,000 node network. He has completed other significant projects for the New York Stock Exchange, Citibank, Manufactures Hanover Bank, AT&T and SBC.

Senior Developer 1:

This Senior Developer is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Princeton University with a Masters degree from the University of Michigan in Computer Information & Control Engineering.

His computer industry experience has included the development of electronic mail products and LAN product support. He has designed and implemented several generations of menuing and network PC shells and has managed electronic mail projects utilizing the entire family of SMB/NetBios/Redirector NOS's, standards such as X.400 and X.25 and desktop metaphors/tools such as Hypertext C++ and PowerBuilder.

As a product support manager and later as Director of Research and Development for 3Com Corporation he has worked extensively with 10Base T, Token Ring and Ethernet topologies as well as many connectivity products and most network protocols.

Senior Developer 2:

This Senior Developer has in excess of fourteen years of design, analysis, data architecture, database administration, project management and consulting experience. His skills have been successfully applied as a database specialist for a major computer hardware vendor; as a consultant and project manager for the financial services branch of a large communications subsidiary; and as a database designer and manager for a Wall Street firm, an International bank, an Engineering firm, and a software vendor.

His technical skills feature a strong working knowledge base in the VMS environment and he is fluent in SQL environments. He has designed client-server applications based on Microsoft SQL Server (Sybase) applications using tools such as PowerBuilder and Visual Basic. He is also highly knowledgeable in Excel, Access and other Windows-based tools. He is a Microsoft C programmer.

Developer 1:

This Developer has designed and built Multi-User Micro-Based business applications since 1978. He has designed mission critical applications for the retail, wholesale, insurance, and financial industries.

He is an expert in high volume multi-user databases, bar code technologies, asynchronous communication, and wide area networking. He is highly skilled in the use of many tools such as PowerBuilder, Visual Basic, and SQL, and is an excellent group leader with extensive experience in Windows, MS-DOS, Unix and Theos operating systems.

Senior Engineer 1:

He is an Honors Graduate of Northeastern University and is recognized as a technical expert in OS/2 network protocols. He designed the Quality Assurance Server Lab architecture and authored all test procedures for Lotus 1-2-3 Corporation's Lotus Notes. The Lab is used for testing and modeling all groupware products on OS/2 network operating systems and protocols for both Ethernet and Token Ring topologies.

He is a hands on engineer with a broad based skill set that includes bridges, routers, communication gateways, SQL server integration, mini and mainframe to LAN connectivity, multiple protocol support on the same network, server and workstation tuning, and troubleshooting in all aspects of Local and Wide Area Networks. He was project leader and principle architect for two network management systems, Logon Access System and Central Workstation, and is a 3Com 3Wizard, and an authorized Microsoft Network Specialist for NT, Windows and SQL Server.

Senior Engineer 2:

He has a Masters Degree in Computer Science from Columbia University and is certified and trained in operating systems from 3Com, Microsoft, and Novell. His experience includes PC and mini computer Wide Area Network (WAN) design, installation, and support for integrated electronic mail applications and information bulletin boards.

As a Senior Network Engineer, he has worked extensively with 3270 gateways, X.400 E-Mail gateways and WAN bridges using X.25 and T-1 communication circuits. He has developed front end user interfaces for local and remote network applications and is proficient in network capacity planning, workload management, performance analysis and system tuning.


This Engineer has extensive network installation and network project management experience with both small and large systems. He has been responsible for the installation of forty Microsoft Networks over the last four years, and for the maintenance and support of an additional forty networks with a total of 7,000 nodes in the US and Europe.

His design and implementation work includes intelligent repeater hubs, FDDI ready networks utilizing fiber optics technology, remote Ethernet bridges and a SNA TI private backbone. He has also designed a Problem Management System and built a Wide Area Network Management Expert System help desk.

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