CTB Consulting’s business process re-engineering methodology, the Protocycle, redefines the typical five serial steps of System Development Life Cycle [SDLC] Analysis, Design, Construction, Testing/Documentation and Implementation/Support.

Protocycle methodology delivers a number of unique benefits for corporations demanding rapid cycle re-engineering and offers considerable improvement over traditional system development approaches.

Business managers develop non-technical requirement models defining Return on Investment (ROI) for the project.

Models are mapped into systems architecture and infrastructure that facilitates development without disrupting existing uses of legacy and host data.

End users participate in the system development by reviewing application mock-ups and prototypes.

Users are involved in the development process and empowered with knowledge.

New client/server applications are introduced gracefully and non-disruptively.

The process repeats for introduction of enhancements and technology improvements.

The Protocycle methodology permits creation and integration of new process models with direct buy-in from users.

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