Project Management



There are a lot of problems associated with managing multiple IT projects -

It's difficult to do "what if" analysis and adjustment,
It's difficult to allocate assigned tasks and schedules,
It's difficult to report on-going status,
It's difficult to implement changes during implementation.

With all these difficulties it's no wonder that over half of all projects are never delivered, or are delivered late, or generate tremendous cost overruns.

CTB Consulting has been delivering projects on time and under budget for the last ten years. How do we do it? By making science out of project management and rigorously adhering to the project management principles that work.

We can make it work for you too.

Microsoft Project Central, a companion product to Microsoft Project, provides an overview of your portfolio of projects. Microsoft Project Central uses web-forms so that every member of a project team can contribute their expertise to delivering projects on schedule.

CTB Consulting can show you how these powerful tools can help you stay on-schedule and within budget.

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