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This is Steve Strout, Chief Technology Officer at the Thomson Corporation in Stamford Connecticut.

Last year as a corporation, we made a strategic decision to concentrate all of our efforts in providing solutions to “knowledge workers and information professionals.” Since our Newspaper Division did not fit this strategy, we decided to sell them. This division was comprised of over 60 daily and weekly newspapers. In the end, we sold groups of newspapers to a total of eleven different buyers.

Part of our obligation to each buyer was to prepare a subset of our integrated IT infrastructure and operational systems so that the buyers could smoothly integrate their new papers into their own operations.

A divestiture is a stressful time for the employees involved; so we felt it was critical to hire an outside firm to manage the project and provide stability and focus. We were only going to do this once, so we needed a consulting firm in which we had the utmost confidence.

We contacted several consulting firms, but since we had used CTB Consulting before we knew that we could put our confidence in them again.

CTB took the time to understand our business situation, and made several suggestions before giving us a proposal. Their proposal was very thorough, and they hit it – both from a pricing and from a milestone standpoint. Once we agreed to the parameters of the project we turned it over to CTB and could take it to the bank that it would get done.

CTB Consulting guaranteed their work to be on-time and on-budget. That’s what they told us… and that’s what they delivered. When you find a winner, you stick with them. We’ll continue to use CTB for other Thomson Corporation projects in the future.

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